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si24670 [UPGRADED] Fitness Chin-up Horizontal Bar Adjustable 63-100cm
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Market Price : RM164.30    
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Status : Ready Stock
Weight : 1.20 kg    
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Steel + high-density non-slip rubber + Scrub Foam

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This Upgraded version comes with Higher Quality Steel Material and Better Outlook of the Grip. 

Load up to 100 kg. White color plating.
A: The horizontal bar diameter, the diameter of two 24 * 1. Diameter of the middle bar is 28 * 1.2. Inside with the M12 screw rod 50 cm long. After sanding the edge of the horizontal bar. There are little rubber pad smell (not sharp). Single weight 1100-1200 grams. Specifications (63-100cm)

Fitness Bar
A convenient, the effect is significant, small footprint, low investment, stylish multi-functional sports equipment have come to your side.As long as there are frames in your home, you can stay at home in the summer heat and enjoy the chin-up happiness ~ ~ no holes, just hang you can begin to exercise, and will not cause any unnecessary trouble. This section sets fitness chin-up, sit-ups & push-ups in one, not only for love of bodybuilding men also applies to the beauty of women, can lose weight but also to maintain stature, serve several purposes. This stylish multi-functional fitness device you do not soon have it?

Frequently Asked Questions
1 Question: The single-rod products safe? Will not cause damage to the door frame?
  Answer: The single-pole load is 200KG, for the average person is absolutely no problem! Because a single shot is used by both sides of the stretch and tension to both ends of the rubber between the door frame or wall tremendous friction, so the door is to generate great force, if the door is not very strong, then you can choose to frame and single pole two cardboard pad contact areas can be solved

2 questions: This product does not require drilling holes in a single shot it? Why do I receive 2 screws and 2 black rubber plug it?
 Answer: single-rod with the two screws and two rubber plug is permanently fixed when the buyer need only need to use the door frame, and generally do not install, and provide the buyer with multiple options just let it!

3 questions: Why only one horizontal bar can be rotated out?
Answer: the horizontal bar 2 can be rotated out just one clockwise, one counterclockwise rotation needed!

Product: horizontal chin-up bar on the door 
Weight: 1.2kg[the bar itself] 1.52 kg[include packaging]
Color: Natural + matte black foam handle
Material: steel + high-density non-slip rubber + Scrub Foam
Packing: carton
Length: Maximum length can set up to within 63cm-100cm
Installation: Take home and the door frame between the rotation grip pole, both ends of the top of the door frame can be!

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