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Welcome to NILE :) Lets Shop with the most affordable offers !!
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   Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Kindly click the following links to get the answer you Like to know.

 Starter Like to Know                                                                                                                     

  1) Is that all ready stock
     - Yes 

  2) Why are your items so cheap? Does it has quality problem?
     - Thank you for realizing our items are much LOWER than market price. The reason 
       we selling so low price is because we PRIORITIZED our customers' satisfaction 
       rather than making HUGE profit from it. We believe by doing this can build long 
       term customer relationship. Thus our website is practicing "LOW PRICE GUARANTEE".
       On quality issue, we would appreciate on your valuable feedback. To ensure customer
       has Highest Satisfaction, we've a quality assurance team and "Return/Exchange Policy
       where customer can return us if he/she found there's quality problem with 
       the product purchased.

  3) Can't find "" button or "" button at the top right? 
     - Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox , other compatible web browser.
     - Click here to   or  

  4) How to Contact Us?
     - Refer to HERE!!

  5) 如何更改语言Pertukaran Bahasa ?
     - Refer to HERE!!

  6) What should I do if I Forget My Password?
     - Refer to HERE!!

  7) How to check out the Size/Measurement?
     - For size and measurement you may refer to HERE!!

 Order Related                                                                                                                                  

  1) How to Start Shopping
     -  (a) Become our member HERE!!
        (b) And Let's Start Shopping HERE!!

  2) Why I Can't Check Out ?
     - Refer to HERE!!

  3) The item i'm interest in is shown Out of Stock, how?
     - It is regret to know that the item you selected has been temporary sold out. 
       Do stay tune to new updates on new arrivals very soon.

  4) Am I allow to check out My Current/Historical Order Status?
     - Yes, You may view your order status in   > "My Order" after .

  5) Had my Order Completed?
     - Look up in "" for completed order

  6) I have cart some items, but it does not appear on My account> My order what should I do now?
     - Check up in "MY SHOPPING CART" (Top right), and make sure you have complete the order process. 
       Refer to HERE!!

  7) Can I Add on Other Item into my completed order?
     - No, however you could request to combine both orders. Click here for more information.

  8) What if I want to Change Product/Address/Contact Number for my current order?
     - You may email to [email protected] to inform the changes. Please ensure information 
       provided is accurate, should the item has been delivered before the changes has been taken place 
       the responsibility will be on purchaser. 

  9) What should I do After Complete Order?
     - You may proceed with your payment.

  10) How to Cancel My Order?
     - To cancel your order please email to [email protected] (Please provide your order number and 
       the total amount)

  11) Where can I find my Order Number?
     - Log in to , to look up my "Order Number".

 Payment Related                                                                                                                            

  1) Can I pay using Cash Deposit Machine / Bank Transfer?
     - Yes, you could make your payment either way. HERE!!

  2) Credit Card Payment Allow?
     - Coming soon

  3) How about the Balance, if I banked in extra?
     - No worries, the balance will be refunded to you in your parcel or via bank transfer 
       (within 1- 3 working days).

  4) What should I do After Payment
     - Notify us on the payment. Please refer HERE!! we shall update your status to paid once confirm 
       payment received (same day, within office hours).

  5) After payment when you will Post Out the Items?
     - We shall make the post ASAP the same day of payment made, subject to payment before 1.00 pm 
       (Monday-Friday, except for public holidays)

 Delivery Related                                                                                                                             

  1) What's Our Delivery Methods?
     - Courier service or Cash on Delivery.

  2) Can I select Other Courier Service?
     - Do not allow, in exception of outskirt areas where Kangaroo Courier do not covered.

  3) How much is the Courier Fee for Sabah/Sarawak?
     - It is RM10 for the 1st KG and RM10 for each following Kgs, Example: 1.01 KG postage is RM20. 
       Upon order completion, do wait for our confirmation on the Postage before payment. Our cusotmer 
       service shall contact you shortly to advice on the actual postage.  

  4) How long it take to Reach My Hand?
     - It will normally take 1-3 working days for (West Malaysia), 1-5 working days for 
       (East Malaysia, outskirt area) 

  5) Where do find my Delivery Status/Consignment number?
     - You could check up your in "" > MY ORDER HISTORY after log in.

  6) What should I do if I got the Wrong Parcel?
     - Do contact us immediately at HERE!! or alternatively could email us at [email protected] 
       and provide us actual recepiant consingment number. We shall advise the cause of action immediatly.

  7) What can I do if I still Have Not Received My Parcel its has been more than a week?
     - Do email us at [email protected] and provide your (order number) we shall assist you to 
       check that out and shall get back to you in a moment.

  8) What should I do if No One At Home?
     - You could address the parcel it to a third party receiver?
     - Please provide the "name", "contact number" of the person in "Special Instruction box".

  9) I Have Received My Items.
     - It's is great to hear that, do update us in our Facebook Fans Page 
       http://www.facebook.com/nile.com.my on safe arrival. Hope you love it

 After Sales Related                                                                                                                        

   1) What's nile.com.my's Return Policy?
      - Our return policies vary depending on the type of item you'd like to return. 
        See our "Product Return Policies" for details.

   2) How should I go about for a return/refund or exchange?        - See HERE!!

   3) How to Calculate the Refund amount?
      - If you return an item with reason for return is not a result of Damaged/Wrong Delivery/
        Quality issue, purchase price will be refund. If you choose to Return, you'll pay 
        the cost charged by the carrier selected.
      - Total purhase that has been fall below RM100 resulting by the return, where is not 
        a result of Damaged/Wrong Delivery/Quality issue, cost of previous shipping will be
        deducted from your refund.
      - If you shipped the item back to Nile at your own expense, and the return is the 
        result of our error, you will be refunded your shipping costs when we 
        process the return.

   4) I've returned my item; How Soon Will I Receive My Refund?
      - If you are returning the item for a refund to your original payment method, you should 
        receive your refund in 1-3 business days after we have received your returned item.

   5) It has been almost 2 weeks, I Have Yet To Receive My Refund
      - If you haven't received a refund within 8-10 business days please Contact Us for 
        additional assistance.

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